The Barzetti turntable; combines the precision of high mass turntable designs with fresh and attractive contemporary looks. 

4 Star review in What-HiFi UK:

Barzetti deck can challenge the very best. Once properly sited the Acoustic Signature works very well. It´s a confident-sounding player with a stable, large-scale output. Detail levels are good, and the ability to stay composed with music which is varied and compley is impressive. The Barzetti has wide dynamic limits and the ability to deliver an expansive, well focused soundstage. Take built finish and ease of use into account and it´s hard not to be impressed by this turntable



A stylish statement, with soft curved faces and corners, making this highly engineered turntable a thing of true beauty and built for high quality music reproduction – offering a very high level of performance for a turntable in its price range. Using a newly designed 36mm thick (6Kg) solid turntable platter made of aluminium. Machined with a diamond cutting tool ensures the finish is beautiful and the platter exceptionally well balanced for optimum performance. The bearing is the heart of every turntable. Through fundamental research and development, Acoustic Signature have invented a bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability. The platter bearing component is manufactured from special hardened and polished steel. The bearing housing uses perfectly matched sinter bronze inserts which are self-lubricating; and therefore maintenance free. At the base of the bearing, we use our specially developed ‘high-tech’ material TIDORFOLON, using our new TIDORFOLON 2 bearing design, specially optimised for the Barzetti platter. All bearings in Acoustic Signature turntables are designed to run dry - without oil. 

The drive motor and its sophisticated electronic control are housed within the turntable chassis. The ‘S’ Alpha electronic motor controller, developed for the Barzetti from its ‘big brother’ Alpha controller, as used with more expensive Acoustic Signature turntables. It converts the incoming AC mains voltage to DC current and a precision oscillator then produces a perfect sine wave at 12VAC to run the motor, resulting in a perfectly steady and constant platter rotation. The motor power supply is impervious to the negative effects of mains voltage fluctuations and household appliances that produce ‘noisy’ mains that can have a very great detrimental effect on AC motors and therefore the turntable performance and ultimately the sound. The substantial one piece 50mm thick CNC milled MDF chassis forms the attractively designed base unit of this turntable, within which the motor and motor electronics are housed, along with the lower bearing housing and tone arm mount. The tone arm mounting design allows simple infinite height adjustment, making perfect horizontal arm align-ment possible for the Rega arm supplied, doing away with the usual Rega arm spacers. There are alternative arm base plates available for all 9” tone arms. Three adjustable feet enable simple macro and micro adjustments to perfectly level the turntable. 

The chassis is finished with a 10-layered high gloss piano lacquer – the highest quality paint finish on the market with a perfect mirror-like surface in black or white. 

The Barzetti has evolved out of and uses design concepts incorporated throughout the Acoustic Signature turntable range: High mass platter design, very low bearing noise and friction, perfect motor drive control, and highest precision German design and engineering. This guarantees long term reliability and high performance from a fully integrated and easy to use turntable. Our newest stroke of genius!