Arena 8

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The QUAD Industrial ARENA 8 is a high performance two way 'point source' ceiling loudspeaker featuring a 8" LF driver and coaxially mounted 2" compression driver with a passive crossover. The ARENA 8 is intended for medium to large sized applications requiring high quality speech reinforcement, AV presentation and/or music applications.

The ARENA 8 can be ordered either as 4 or 16 ohm low impedance models, allowing efficient use of amplifier power and parallel looping connections with no transformer losses or signal degradation.

For distributed applications, the Arena 8 has an optional transformer rated at 250-125-60-30 watt taps @ 70volts and 250-125-60 watt taps @100volts.

The ARENA 8 also includes a zinc plated back can and round grill with backcloth. Optional square grill is available. All components are attached to a steel tether, which in turn is attached to an external anchor point.

  • 'Point Source' 8" coaxial driver with compression driver, passive crossover
  • 250 watts program, 500 watts peak
  • Optional 4ohm or 16ohm low impedance models
  • Optional 250/125/60/30watt transformer
  • Optional square grill with backcloth
  • Optional full face grill for exposed mounting
  • Zinc plated steel back box with integral terminal box and four mounting points included.
  • Round grill with backcloth included.
  • Internal safety wire attached to the transducers, crossover and connected to a secondary (external) anchor point on the backbox.

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