Wharfedale 5190

• Mạch bảo vệ của loa dải cao • Mở rộng gắn kết điểm • Công suất đầu ra cao, độ méo âm thấp • Dễ dàng lắp đặt theo chiều nằm ngang hoặc thẳng đứng • Dễ dàng lắp đặt với móc treo M10 x13

The 5190 model has a wide dispersion extra bass characteristic which is perfectly suitable for Karaoke applications.

The 5190 Karaoke loudspeakers are intended for wall mounting, though they can be stand mounted. They can also be flown using the fixing screws in the top of the loudspeakers. The speakers also feature the 'Baker Effect'. By mounting the high frequency drive units in a calculated relationship and carefully contouring the crossover networks, these loudspeakers can reproduce dramatic stereo in a variety of listening positions. Each loudspeaker has a rear facing subwoofer. If the mixing desk has a bass feed or subwoofer output, the integrated subwoofer can be individually amplified for maximum bass output and control.

The 5190 is available in black and white paint finishes. For premium installation applications, the 5190 is also available in high quality piano black and piano white finishes (5190PU). U-wall brackets are included for easy installation.

Trở kháng: 4 ohms,
Dải tần 35Hz-15kHz (+/-3dB), 92dB (1W@1m)
Công suất: Liên tục 500W, Nhạc 500W, Đỉnh 1000W
Kích thước: 590 x 353 x 310 mm
(Inches): 23.23" x 13.90" x 12.20"
Kích thước thùng carton: 648 x 438 x 416 mm
(Inches): 25.51" x 17.24" x 16.37"
Trọng lượng: 22,60kg/49.72Ibs
Trọng lượng cả bì: 25,66kg/56.45Ibs