Wharfedale 3180

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The 3180 is the largest model in this range and develops the 2180 concept through the addition of a second 200mm diameter bass drive unit. By positioning this unit on the side of the cabinet a remarkably compact loudspeaker system is achieved; one that offers high power handling and high SPL outputs.

The compact size and discrete appearance of the 3180 makes it ideal for the small club where the use of several of these loudspeakers can produce the sound levels the customers desire yet with the minimum loss of valuable space.

The 3180 offers a perfect combination of performance; value; appearance; reliability and, above all, the legendary Wharfedale sound quality.

Trở kháng: 4ohms,
Dải tần: 45Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB), 92dB (1W@1m),
Công suất: Liên tục 90W, Nhạc 175W, Đỉnh 350W
Kích thước: 270 x 570 x 290 mm
(Inches): 10.63" x 22.44" x 11.42"
Kích thước thùng carton: 375 x 615 x 385 mm
(Inches): 14.76" x 24.21" x 15.15"
Trong lượng: 12,52kg/27.54Ibs
Trong lượng cả bì: 16,04kg/35.28Ibs

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