Wharfedale 2180

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One of the all time great loudspeaker designs the Wharfedale 2180 has become established in such diverse roles as karaoke bar systems and surround sound installations in cinemas and movie houses; as well as featuring in tens of thousands of bar, restaurant and small club installations.


The 2180 is a proven product manufactured for over ten years and offering enviable standards of reliability. As with all our loudspeaker systems the drive units are exclusive Wharfedale designs made in our own factory. The substantial 200mm pulp cone woofer is used with two 25mm soft dome tweeters which feature Ferrofluid cooling and electronic overload protection for extra reliability.


The 2180 is discretely finished in black vinyl with grey plastic trims and removable black cloth grilles.

Trở kháng: 8ohms,
Dải tần 45Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB), 90dB (1W@1m),
Công suất: Liên tục 50W, Nhạc 100W, Đỉnh 200W
Kích thước: 274 x 456 x 200 mm
(Inches): 10.79" x 17.95" x 7.87"
Kích thước thùng carton: 505 x 517 x 337 mm
(Inches): 19.88" x 20.35" x 13.26"
Trọng lượng: 15,08kg/33.17Ibs
Trọng lượng cả bì: 19,50kg/42.90Ibs

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