HiFi Wolrd review UK: This is a highly capable deck, which sits at the price point comfortably…it is sonically pleasing.


There seems to be very little that is stormy about it, maybe it should have been called “The sunshine” instead. It´s excellent value for the money and I personally would be happy to live with its innate musical abilities, and mellow sound. Speed stability measured a very low 0.043%. Extremely low values making the turntable very speed stable. Excellent 5 Stars

The new STORM turntable weighs in at 28kg and provides all the advantages that true high mass turntables can deliver. STORM offers rock solid and tuneful bass, a stable and focused midrange, clear and detailed high frequency reproduction – producing a sound-stage that has both natural delicate musicality and great authority. The new STORM design replaces one of our best selling turntables, improving on the design with wider feet spacing offering greater stability; improved platter resonance damping and heavier platter; quality design to improve sound quality, not for its own sake - something Acoustic Signature is known for worldwide. Of course, STORM also has very low mechanical noise courtesy of our unique Tidorfolon bearing design, and an externally sited motor, run by our S-Alpha regenerative power supply ensure perfect rotation of the new platter. We think it looks pretty cool as well!


•A 50mm solid turntable platter made of aluminium, a very soft alloy to optimize its periodic resonance. There are 8 Silencer inserts fitted in the platter, to further reduce resonance and the bottom face is coated with resonance-reducing material. 

•The bearing is the heart of every turntable. Through fundamental research and development, we have invented a bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability. The platter bearing component is manufactured from special hardened and polished steel, with an extremely hard tungsten carbide ball at its base. The bearing housing uses perfectly matched and ‘aged’ sinter bronze inserts which are self-lubricating; and therefore maintenance free. At the base of the bearing, we use our specially developed ‘high-tech’ material TIDORFOLON. Our bearing runs dry - without oil.

•The external drive motor of the turntable is run by its own electronic controller, called the Alpha-S. The AC mains voltage is converted to DC current and a precision oscillator then produces a perfect sine wave at 12VAC to run the motor, resulting in a perfectly steady and constant platter rotation. The Alpha-S is impervious to the negative effects of mains voltage fluctuations and household appliances that produce ‘noisy’ mains that can have a very great detrimental effect on AC motors and therefore the turntable performance and ultimately the sound. The Alpha-S control is the perfect design solution. 


•A 45mm solid aluminium chassis forms the base of the turntable, on which all arm attachments are fitted. 

• The tone arm mounting plates are adjustable. The mounting of any desired tone arm is possible, with a maximum of 3 tone arm mounting plates for either 9” or 12” on one turntable. • The three widely spaced adjustable feet offer simple macro and micro adjustments to level the turntable. The high mass platter (with its inertia) is an integral part of the turntable concept. Very low bearing friction, perfect motor drive control and large platter inertia guarantee perfect synchronization and the best sound. Highest precision manufacturing in Germany guarantees reliability of this turntable. To make sure that every STORM is exactly the same we produce nearly every part on high precision computer controlled machines.