SS-010 (Replaced by SIA-025)

The SS-010 is designed as a stereo power amplifier.


During the development period, we were in close contact with our cooperating partners around the world, receiving a lot of valuable input. This led to the implementation of our relay based "one resistor" volume and an input stage to isolate it from the source. This gives customers the option of not using the typically poor digital volume control implemented in most digital equipment. While 25wpc (8 ohms) is not much compared to todays "standard", you will be in for a big surprise with the SS-010. As always Vitus Audio is not content with fashion and our only interest is being true to musical performance.


This is indeed true for the SS-010, which is far more powerful than the power rating implies. One of the major contributors to this statement, is the custom designed transformer, which is used throughout our product range. It enables a much higher level of stability in power, than any of todays widely used toroidal transformers. Matched with the SL-010, it will add a higher level of flexibility and give the possibility to adding another SS-010 and turning them into a fully balanced pair of SM-010.


Multi-award winner


The SS-010 has won numerous awards around the world and is a favourite of many a reviewer, the press and customer alike.