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Quad L-ite Plus 5.1 claims the GOLD!

(29-07-2014, 1:59 pm)
‘A smooth performer with top-drawer detail fidelity and plenty of power.’
Quad L-ite Plus 5.1 – What Satellite & Digital TV, June 2014 
Dear all,
What Satellite & Digital TV delivers a ‘Gold Award’ to the Quad L-ite Plus 5.1 in its latest edition. Please see the attached scan, taken from the July 2014 cover-date issue. Please note that the Quads also receive a nice shout-out on magazine’s front cover!
For more than 25 years, What Satellite & Digital TV has been covering the latest developments in digital TV, regularly breaking news of the latest digital entertainment technologies. It is also the only magazine to review related reception equipment as well as provide advice on how to receive foreign satellite channels.

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