Power Cable

Enigma Extreme Signature: Power Cable

The KPC-EEXS-1a is the ultra high-end power cable based on mono-crystal silver and various diameter pure silver-gold strands, which are treated with the Kharma Advanced Core Treatment 1.0 (ACT-1.0) and equipped with the Kharma Proprietary Insulation 1.0 (KPI-1.0). The huge conductors are positioned in the Kharma Coaxial Crossed Quad Formation 2.0 (CCQF-2.0), which is unique. 


The conductors are placed behind ultra effective double shielding and mechanical vibrations are minimized with a vibration reducing compound and a vibration isolating tubing. This Power cable is terminated with very high quality hand polished silver plated plugs and is fitted with state of the art aluminium casings, where a unique copper shielding layer is integrated. 


All this leads to a crystal clear and ultra revealing cable, which gives your installation a sense of quietness and ease, but yet with enormous dynamics, endless power, extreme definition, sweetness, air and an open and wide stereo image.




Minimum length:1.5 m

Standard length:2 m

Connection types:US, Schuko, IEC, IEC HC