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Piano Diacera

The Piano Diacera is far more than merely an ennobled version of the Piano. Although it inherited the latter's cabinet, the Diacera is a very singular product, as a matter of fact, its size adds to its one-of-a-kind status. As in every Diacera range speaker, a 30mm diamond calotte and ceramic diaphragm chassis are deployed, but again, the material onslaught is only a means to a very musical end, as can easily be heard. What you will not hear is any trace of "diamond sound" or "ceramic sound". A dream of a speaker for all those who simply lack the appropriate space for the Sunray.

  • ultra rigid TIDAL RMD-cabinet crafted in tounge and groove, all walls made from 1,5"-3" HP-MDF
  • 2 x 173 mm (7") low loss long excursion woofers with BCC driver (black coated ceramic-diaphragm)
  • 1 x 30 mm (1,2") tweeter with black diamond-diaphragm
  • passive crossover network with ultra low tolerance components, exclusive use of VSF high grade pure copper foil capacitors, silver-carbon-resistors, massive copperband air-core-inductors, ultra low resistance bass-inductor, microphonically and hermetically isolated x-over boards in seperated chambers
  • extremly linear frequency response, excellent step response, optimised phase and group delay
  • massive silver/goldplated soft-copper binding posts with removeable heads for fullsize-eylets, spades and banana's, internally wired with costum made coaxial cable
  • Variogain technology: true 2-way-mode (for very small rooms), linear 2.5-way mode (for normal mdeium-sized rooms), 2.5-way mode with Gain A (for bigger rooms)
  • serial accessory: 1 ATA-flightcase, microfibre-cleaning cloth, owners manual book, 2 sets of TIDAL stainless steel isolator feet for hardfloors, massive brass stand-bars, high gloss polished, incl. screws and tools for it
  • serial cabinet finish, high gloss polished piano lacquer: midnight black
  • optional veneer-group 1, high gloss polished woods in piano lacquer: tiger-eucalyptus, curled-bubinga, rose-bubinga
  • optional veneer-group 2, high gloss polished woods in piano lacquer: african pyramided mahogany, ebony-macassar
  • alternative choice for veneer-group 1 and 2: natural silky-dull finishes (non-glossy finish with a noble silky-dull shining)
  • other wishes or veneers: all possible, on request

  • drivers: 2 x 173 mm woofers, 1 x 30 mm tweeter
  • nominal power input: 100 / 250 VA
  • nominal impedance: 4.2 - 6.8 Ohm
  • frequency response: +/- 0.9 dB (FFT, 8ms, >150Hz) F3 = 32 Hz
  • recommended amp input: We recommend quality instead quantity. Real 40 Watt at 8 Ohm are ok for normal listening levels (in rooms up to 30-40m²). 
    To use the whole dynamic range of it and for listening complex music also from time to time very loud we recommend >120 watts at 8 ohm.
  • efficiency: since mostly unrealistic numbers of competitors we don't want to confuse clients by comparing non-saying numbers on paper. Therefore it is: "Good efficiency, an easy load also for tube amps / SET's".
  • dimensions: 117 cm x 24 cm x 36 cm
  • weight: approx. 286 lbs. / 130 kg (pair / incl. packaging)
  • 30 mm ceraphite tweeter
  • 2x173 mm BBC wofer
  • TIDAL RMD cabinet
  • 2.0-way/ 2.5-way mode Vario terminal incl. bass and tweeter adjustment
  • Diacera Unopulse x-over
  • Serial: handpolished noble veneers
  • Incl. ATA- Flightcase and isolatorfeet system
  • 24 cm x 36cm x 118 cm
  • Weight: 138kg (pair)