It is the vacuum tube power amplifier, MQ-88, that not only evokes a sort of old-time image but also suits the present days of specific taste and genuine orientation. KT88 is selected for a output tube in consideration of quality, accomplishments, and supply system as well as sound quality. The cathode direct connection type is selected for the circuit, so-called, Mullard type. MQ-88 equipped with 50W + 50W (6Ω) of sufficient output can reproduce not only soft and warm but also high-speed, delicate, dynamic, and steady sound. We have developed an ultra-high rigid chassis by combining Rahmen frame with a central focus of 15-mm thick aluminum panel as the same as CL-88. The visibility of the bias monitoring meter has been enhanced, and the blue LED illumination with full of grace along with the faint light of the vacuum tube takes you sound paradise.

Rated output

40W + 40W (8Ω), 50W + 50W (6Ω), 40W + 40W (8Ω)

Input sensitivity / input impedance

420mV / 100KΩ

Total harmonic distortion

1KHz Rated


Frequency characteristic

5Hz ~ 90KHz


S / N ratio

1KHz (IHF-A)

101dB or more



2 systems (including direct input 1 system)


Loudspeaker terminal

1 system

Body function

Power switch, power indicator, input level adjustment volume, bias current adjustment volume × 4, bias monitoring meter, line phase sensor, signal ground terminal, AC inlet

Use vacuum tube

Four KT88 ×, first stage: output tube two ECC83S ×, driver stage: 12BH7A × 2 this

Circuit system

Mullard type

Quality parts

Seismic isolation structure 4N gold-plated oxygen-free copper single wire, vitamin Q oil impregnation tubular type condenser, gold-plated socket tight, of 15mm thick aluminum top panel use

Power consumption

190W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

External dimensions

400 (width) x 186 (height) x 397 (D) mm



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