Master Piece Transport (MP-T201)

The Masterpiece Series has in fact been on our internal road map for some years, but was not supposed to be introduced until 2011. However as the number of requests from the market increased, we decided to bring development forward and launch this very special series early. We think it is somewhat fitting for a range of products that are ahead of their time!


The complexity of all the MP products has put our engineering team to the test, as the technology used in the Signature Series needed to be pushed to the extreme, to satisfy our expectations for the new Masterpiece Series. To reach this level, we had to re-qualify all parts from component level and up. Further more, many new custom made parts were developed, pushing our subcontractors technology to the limit of "possible".


Getting beyond the quality of the transport used in our SCD-010 proved to be a difficult task and dramatic approaches were needed. The drive itself is the same heavily modified Philips Pro used in the SCD-010, but with even greater level of mechanical and now electrical modifications, which refine the quality even further. On top of this, we included both the masterclock and sample rate modules found in the SCD-010. These enable higher precision clock for the drive and minimise jitter within the transport itself.


The power supply has an - extreme - level of regulation and power. This ensures an absolute unheard of stability and ultra low noise floor. As the design of the MP-T201 is totally modular, different interfaces can be added as their technology satisfies our high quality demands.