Manley All Tube Mid Frequency EQ

Specially useful for midband oriented instruments such as guitars, vocals, harmonicas, and violins, the MID FREQUENCY ENHANCED PULTEC EQ (MEQ-5 type) shares the same features and specifications as our 'EQP-1A' version. The differences lie in the passive EQ section: In the MID EQ, the DIP and PEAK controls function on much sharper bell-shaped curves centered on the selected frequencies, which gives the engineer-producer more precise control over the vitally important midrange and makes this unit indispensable for mastering engineers. The MID EQ also completely fills the frequency gaps between the low frequency and high frequency sections of our Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A type EQ; thus the combination of the two provides a most flexible palette of possibilities for tracking or mastering.

Features & Specifications

  • MANLEY input transformer with pure nickel laminations potted in mu-metal case. 3K Ohm input Z
  • PHASE REVERSE switch for balanced XLR input
  • Alternate transformerless 1/4" HI-Z (5K Ohm) input
  • BYPASS switch & AUTO-MUTE w/warmup delay
  • Silent conductive plastic PEAK & SHELF controls
  • Sealed gold-contact Greyhill frequency select switches
  • Hi-current driveShipping weight: 12 lbs.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

  • Manley All Tube Mid Frequency EQ: $2,300


We started building these MANLEY Enhanced Pultec and MIDEQ's in 1990 back at the old Vacuum Tube Logic of America factory. They were built there from 1990 until 1993 when the MANLEY LABS factory opened. The serial codes for those old early 1990's MID EQ units are usually seen as hand-written MIDEQ###. Those oldest units use 5814 input tubes and 6350 output White Follower tubes. There is no substitute for a 6350! Unless you re-wire and swap pins 2&3 and 7&8 then you must keep using 6350 which is wired that way. Those old units also used ElectroSwitch brand NONshorting switches which are brass and black and white in body-of-the-switch color. They make some noise when switch position is changed. They should have been ordered as SHORTING switches. Newest units built at Manley Labs use shorting Grayhill brand switches. Grayhills have red bodies if you look at them.

Much has improved since those early days... Here is what we think was the very first Manley Pultec built in 1990 for BOP Studios in South Africa.


We used to offer our MONO MID Pultec EQ with detented, logable BOOST & CUT control-switches precisely calibrated to 0.5 dB steps or as required.

For the Manley Mastering Pultecs, the switches were built as 11 x 0.5dB steps for max range of 5.5dB on each control. The BANDWIDTH control was also built as 11 steps on a switch instead of a pot.

As of 10/2009 we no longer offer Mastering Versions of the Manley MID or EQP1A Equalizers.

No, we will not convert a "normal" version unit to a Mastering one. Sorry folks.