A lot of fresh know-how to improve sound quality has been found during plenty of time to develop the monaural power amplifier, B-1000f, a memorial model for 80th anniversary of our foundation. It is the stereo power amplifier, M-800A, with pure class A amplification method that high quality of music essence from B-1000f is achieved using a stereo package by applying the technological breakthroughs induced by superior products with boldness to meet customers' requests. Overwhelming output linearity is achieved thanks to the angular type transformer with flatwise coil that delivers tremendous regulation performance and also thanks to the ODNF (version 2.3A) power block of 4x2 structure with pure class A amplification method that generates mellow sound resulting in gaining customers' supports. Accordingly, all the speaker systems from 60W/8Ω to 480W/1Ω (momentary maximum) can be smoothly and powerfully driven.


Continuous power output 60 W+60W (8Ω)/at stereo, 
120W+120W (4Ω)/at stereo, 
240W (8Ω)/at monaural
Maximum output 480 W+480W (1Ω)/at stereo, 960W (2Ω)/at monaural
Input sensitivity 773mV/60W (8Ω)
Input impedance unbalance/51 kΩ, balance/67kΩ
Total harmonic distortion rate 0.009% or less (1kHz/8Ω), 
0.1% or less (20Hz-20kHz/8Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz (+0, -0.1dB), DC-130kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
S/N ratio 117dB (IHF-A)
Power consumption 492W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law), 
396W (under no signal), 0.9W (at standby)
Outside dimensions 440 (W) x 224 (H) x 485 (D) mm
Weight 48.5kg

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