KSL-SFz - KSL-SFz, a leap forward to the perfection of analog reproduction.

Full of audiophile's expectations and profound knowledge accumulated through 30 years of audio life. KSL-SFz was designed for true analogue sound.


  • Pure silver KSL winding transformer.
    The skillful winding technique ensure wide bandwidth with flat frequency response.
  • Custom made core by ultra-thin permalloy plate.
    Low distortion and wide bandwidth are guaranteed by using large size core making of thin and high quality permalloy plate.
    This design minimise both eddy current and hysteresis loss commonly exist in traditional core design.
  • Maximize the performance of MC cartridge to unleash the original spirit directly from the artist.
  • Winding and assembling by high quality handcrafting.


Primary winding impedance

Secondary winding impedance 4kΩ
Voltage step up ratio 36dB(1Ω)
Load impedance 47kΩ(recommended)
Dimensions 114mm(W) 150mm(H) 175mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 3.2kg

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