The HydraNet is the core of your distributed media and control system, it is available in 2 models: the HydraNet 8 and the HydraNet 16. Containing audio inter fac ing, GPIO cont rol , DSP processing and CobraNet transport the HydraNet 8 and 16 are versatile platforms that can be used in the widest range of environments. From entertainment venues, government facilities, transportation hubs, meeting and conference facilities to large scale houses of worship, the possibilities of HydraNet are limitless. The appl icat ions of HydraNet are as broad as the environments that it is suited to: from control of a live sound system and peripheral components, such as power conditioners to management of security and evacuation systems or a combination of the two.

HydraNet gives you all of the tried and tested benefits of CobraNet allowing you to meet the constantly changing requirements of distributed media projects. When the goalposts are moved, HydraNet ensures you are on the winning team. The completely open-ended, modular and customisable environment allows a media control and transport system to change with the requirements of the project rather than with budget or other limiting factors.

High speed Ethernet is used to send 24bit 48kHz audio up to 2 kilometres and beyond (100m using standard CAT-5 cabling), standard network hardware is used to make HydraNet both cost effective, reliable and convenient. HydraNet is capable of utilising the available capacity of an existing IT infrastructure and can be introduced into many environments with minimum expenditure and downtime. Dynamic routing, remote control and digital processing are all possible within a flexible environment that can expand with your project.

 Alongside the famous CobraNet technology exist a wealth of additional features such as GPIO connectivity and analog audio input s /output s. Thi s mixture of technology provides you with a versatile platform that allows media interfacing and processing, in addition to remote control of devices both inside and outside of the audio/video domain.

Key Features

· 16 Inputs (Hydranet 16)

· CobraNet Communication Protocol For Stable Long Distance Transmission

· Ultra Low Latency

· Simple & Flexible Installation

· Broad Compatibility With A Range Of Third Party Digital Solutions

· 16 Channel CobraNet Audio Interface

· 48kHz/24 Bit AD/DA

· 32x32 DSP Matrix Processing

· 2x Ethernet Ports For CobraNet And PC Control

· 1x RS232 Port For Third Party Hardware Interfacing

· 1x RS485 Port

· 8x GPIO Contact Closures For Control Of External Hardware

· Control Software Compatible With Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7

· Flexible Open Architecture Design

· User Friendly GUI




Frequency Response
  20 Hz to 20kHz @ +0.1 dB
<0.02% @ +4dBu
22 Hz~30 KHz BPF
Crosstalk   >70dB 20Hz~20KHz
Dynamic Range   115dB
Digital Specifications    
A/D D/A Bit-Depth   24-bit
Sampling Rate   48 KHz
DSP Processing   32-bit DSP
Input & Output    
Audio Channels   16 line/mic inputs
8 line outputs
Input Impedance   2kΩ mic; >10kΩ line
Input Sensitivity   -60 dBu mic
-35dBu line
Phantom Power   48V DC
Connector Type   100Ω
Output Impedance   <200Ω
Output Level   +4 dBu (MAX +24dBu)
External Control   8 in/8 out GPIO
Contact   1x DB9 RS232/485 for control
Com port   1x DB9 RS232 for service
CobraNet Port   2 x RJ45
Dimensions (HxWxD)   1.75” x 19“ x 9.84”
Weight   3.5kg/7.7lbs

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