GINGA - Target set to the highest analogue sound quality, consumed the longest development period.

Turntable of excellence "GINGA"

Perfection by functionalism with zero compromise
Elegant expression of micro vibrant within grand stage


  • Extra heavy platter making of 5 different materials, is driven by a knotless string to realize smooth and vibration-free rotation.
  • Ultra precision bearing in φ25mm with large-sized spindle rotor.
  • Long-term and stable operation ensured by using special oil.
  • Large 4 pole synchronous motor (double floating structure) is used.
  • Best motor driving circuit composed of SIN, COS wave generators with dual channels high power low distortion amplifier.
  • Adequate string tension is maintained by using tension pulley.
  • Spacer ring and stabilizer are applied to improved slightly warped vinyl.
  • Special ordered KONDO-312 from United Kingdom SME Co.; with original silver tone arm wires used.

Designs of GINGA

Even though digital is in the mainstream of audio sources nowadays, there are many good analogue records with many of them are very high quality recordings. Therefore we develop GINGA to let extend the lives of these hidden treasures.

  • Extra heavy and rigid design in order to get most direct sound and stable image.
  • In spite of its heavy weight, sound characteristic is still vivid and lively.
  • Smooth platter smooth rotation and braking is considered.
    (An ideal balance between braking force and rotation)
  • In order to obtain gentle sound , asynchronous motor and thread drive system are adopted.
  • Motor is driven by an ideal power supply with speed regulation.

A multi-elements base and a heavy weight platter

Base unit is made of 5 types of materials, selected after log time of auditions. They are aluminium, stainless steel, bras, copper and acrylic.
The platter is designed with in a tapered shape. Tuning screws are made by stainless steel to overcome "bell vibration". In addition, a piece of glass mat is added on top massive aluminum material to soften metallic sound.

Extremely thick diameter bearing, high point support

An oversize bearing is used in GINGA.
Center pole is Φ 25, super hard 8mm bearing are used to support the large-sized spindle rotor. Moreover, operation of the platter become more stable with raising height.
The center pole and the spindle rotor are 1 set. High precision alignment process is applied.
Contacts between ball bearing is filled with the special oil for durable and stable operation.

Synchronous motor unit

Large 4 pole synchronous motor is used for best sound quality. Low-noise and low vibration are achieved by double-floating structure.
Motor is driven by an ideal power supply. CR oscillating circuit is composed of SIN, COS wave generators with dual channels high power low distortion amplifier. Therefore, phase advance capacitor became unnecessary. Moreover, voltage control of the main coil and subcoil are fully independent making oscillation to be minimal.
By using tension pulley, long time and stable operation are possible with adequate string tension.

A knotless cotton string, a spacer ring

The knot of a string is the most popular and traditional problem of a thread drive system.
In GINGA, we use a knotless cotton string to realize smooth and vibration-free rotation. The curvature of a disk can be rectified by using a spacer ring and a stabilizer. (effect may various for a heavy weight class disk or the disk with severe curvature.)

Tone arm

Specially order from SME UK. Tone arm KONDO V12 (or 312) is modified with Audio Note AN-AI and special design screws.


Product String drive turntable system
Installed Tone Arm KONDO V12/312
(cartridge is not attached)
Motor 4 pole synchronous motor
Dimensions Turntable unit 460mm(W) 210mm(H) 395mm(D),
Motor unit 210mm(W) 150mm(H) 365mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Turntable unit 46kg(base 28kg + platter 18kg),
Motor unit 16kg
Power consumption 36W

※To enjoy full performance of Ginga, we recommend using optional proprietary stone base.
External dimensions: 600(W) 400(D) 90(H), Weight: 62kg

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