GAKUON-II - Supreme sound quality with high output power. 'Delicate and dynamic', monaural power amplifier GAKUON-II.

A power amplifier with all the merits of our legendary ONGAKU plus high output power.
Effortless driving low efficiency speakers with GAKUON II 50W class A power.
Each power tube is driven by an exclusive driving tube, guarantee stable and wide soundstage.

Original Parts

Silver Output Transformers

Rich and direct sound is obtained with using pure silver winding and multi-layer, multi-compartment structure.
Winding are all done by skillful technician hands using pure silver wires. It is one of the most important procedure to keep the graceful and dignity sound of 211.
We also applied special insulating materials in considering its high voltage operation.

Silver Capacitors

Silver capacitor which use pure silver foil as electrode.
It is specially designed to prevent the potential oscillation with the foil, which can easily generate muddy sound when lignal surge from low to high level.
All silver foil capacitors are Audio Note hand made.

Original Silver wire "SSW"

All conductor materials are pure silver. In order to supress the unwanted vibrations, natural silk is used and twisted around the silver conductor. It works as an insulating layer between the silver wires and the exterior PVC jacket.


  • inherit circuit and all merits of ONGAKU with an improvement of high output power.
  • Parallel single ended design, each 211 tube is driven by an exclusive driving tube.
  • Recommended for those who enjoy clean and dynamic sound of 211.
  • Best routes and wiring by skillfull technician to secure the best quality.
  • Copper chassis which help improving sound extends and liveliness.


Product 211 Parallel single ended monaural amplifier
Rated Power 50W
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 20kHz (+0dB, -3dB)
Input / Impedance 1pair / 100kΩ
Output speaker 8Ω
Vacuum tube 211 x 2
6072 x 1
5687 x 2
GZ34 x 4
Power consumption 270W
Dimension 280mm(W) 242mm(H) 525mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 33kg

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