DU-80 is a top-end model that has been designed to reproduce high sound quality through the elimination of any compromise. We have introduced a peel coat gold-plating base plate from which resist film was thoroughly eliminated into an audio circuit, and have brought in our traditional high sound quality elements in full scale including a high-capacity audio-specific custom resistor. The 2-channel output is an ideal specification where high-performance fluency DAC is used in the monaural configuration (DSD direct processing for SACD). We have newly developed a tough mechanism support block capable of controlling internal airflow with body design featuring thorough vibration suppression and high rigidity. DU-80 is designed to have no space between the surface of circuits and the surface of the structure at all, and has achieved luxurious high sound quality that is far superior to a standalone CD player.
Analog audio output DVD/SACD/CD unbalance 2 systems (front, L, R, 6 channels),
balance 1 system (front, L, R)
Digital audio output 1 system for coaxial line,
1 system for optical line
Video output terminal RCA pin-plug type, 2 systems for composite video output terminal,
2 systems for S2-ready S-video output terminal,
and 1 system for component video output terminal
embedded Dolby digital, decoder embedded
DTS decoder embedded
Power consumption 21 W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law),
0.3W (at standby)
Outside dimensions 467 (W) x 148 (H) x 399 (D) mm
Weight 21.0kg