D-08 has finally completed by introducing our know-how and technical breakthrough to improve sound quality newly obtained in development of our flagship model, the 1000 series amplifier, into all of 3 components, “Disk Drive, Digital Circuit, and Analog Circuit" that compose a digital player. We have newly developed our original drive mechanism LxDTM* as the signal reading device that is an essential component in a player. What is more, we have embedded the latest TI-manufactured PCM1792A that provides as much as 132dB (theoretical value) of tremendous dynamic range into the digital section in a dual configuration. We have adopted the analog section equipped with fully discrete balanced ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) that is a symbol of our technology for pursing high quality sound into the digital player for the first time. This product is a sound reproduction system in the new area that pulls up sound information thoroughly contained in software.
LxDTM, LUXMAN’s original high-rigidity disk drive mechanism
LxDTMWe have newly developed LUXMAN’s original high-rigidity disk drive mechanism, LxDTM that can strongly support the whole mechanism by introducing a box structure of 9-mm extremely thick chassis and can rigidly eliminate external vibration in order to pick up the data stored on a disk accurately. The aluminum die-cast tray loader equipped with sealing shutter mechanism is integrated into the disk tray section of the front panel to enhance dust prevention and quiescence.
Applicable disk 2-channel SACD, CD
Analog audio output 1 x unbalanced line,
1 x balanced line
Digital audio output 1 system for coaxial line,
1 system for optical line
Digital audio input 1 system for coaxial line,
2 systems for optical line
Power consumption 30W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
Outside dimensions 440 (W) x 154 (H) x 413 (D) mm
(terminals and knobs excluded)
Weight 22.5kg