D-03 Deluxe SACD Player (Gold/Black)

The prestigious LUXMAN has a range of CD players involved today much fame alongside amplifiers. D-03 model is slightly simplified version of D-05, it has the same mechanics. This is original LUXMAN (LXDTM) and is made ??entirely of steel with ultra rigid aluminum drawer thick. This is already quite exceptional in absolute terms and even more when you consider the price of the unit. The object is designed, as always with LUXMAN with a meticulous attention to detail. Chassis heavy and solid is very well insulated with internal partitions including avoiding unwelcome radiation. outward appearance by the device exudes confidence and seriousness. the quality of its constitution in relation to its price very surprised. listening D-03 also proves full of (good) surprises. Soon it was conquered by presence and musical rendering of a refinement exceptional. everything is meticulously up with balance and finesse of restitution that are usually reserved for CD players costing ... double! impossible here to detail all the features of this fantastic device also review the STEREO PRESTIGE summarize in the conclusion of the test: ``The D-03 has the unique feature of great links to really touch your sensitivity Music.


  • Read Formats : CD and SACD stereo
  • Digital inputs : 1 Optical Tos-link and 1 coaxial RCA
  • Digital Outputs : 1 Optical Tos-link and 1 coaxial RCA
  • Analog Audio Outputs : 1 pair unbalanced RCA, 1 pair XLR balanced
  • Output level / output impedance: asymmetric 2.5V/300ohms, symmetrical XLR 2.5V/600ohms
  • Mechanical reading: LxDTM
  • Dimensions : 460 (L) X 160 (H) X 410 (D) mm (without connectors)
  • Weight : 14.5 kg

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