As an ultimate "Power Amplifier Driver" -
C-1000f, a memorial model for 80th anniversary of our foundation, has achieved "Dynamism, Delicacy, and Richness" that is the same idea and philosophy as those of B-1000f at a higher order. We have newly developed "LECUA1000", computerized attenuator directly connected to the ODNF (version 2.4) amplifier for the volume block that is the most important component in all the circuit elements because C-1000f is the most sophisticated control amplifier. The attenuator, exclusively used for line level, contributes to the achievement of incomparable transmission quality. C-1000f is our new flagship model that exercises its highest performance in combination with B-1000f.
LECUA1000, finally integrated into amplification circuit
It was the ultimate attenuator that was mounted on C-10 in 1996 resulting in defying the common knowledge regarding the conventional volume adjustment mechanism. To upgrade such system and its quality for C-1000f, we have developed "LECUA1000" that allows to control sound volume for every channel independently without degradation by directly connecting our original system "LECUA" that is a computerized fixed-resistance-switching-type attenuator to the amplification circuit. Change of the layout from 2D to 3D for amplifier boards to achieve the shortest and most efficient route eliminates the necessity of regarding the attenuator and amplifier as different blocks. Accordingly, we can offer you an ultimate solution.
3D construction plan drawing of LECUA1000
Input sensitivity / Input impedance unbalance / 334mV / 50kΩ,
balance / 334mV / 100kΩ
Output / Output impedance unbalance / rating 1V / 510Ω Maximum 4.1V,
balance / rating 1V / 1020Ω Maximum 8.2V,
Total harmonic distortion rate unbalance / 0.001% (20Hz-20kHz),
balance / 0.0007% (20Hz-20kHz),
Frequency response 5Hz-20kHz (+0, -0.1dB),
1Hz-118kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
S/N ratio unbalance / 124dB (1kHz(IHF-A) ),
balance / 127dB (1kHz(IHF-A) )
Power consumption 28W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law),
2.3W (at standby)
Outside dimensions 440 (W) x 117 (H) x 429 (D) mm
Weight 23.0kg

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