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Features: RCA signal switch box for 4 systems Outside dimensions: 370 (W) x 71 (H) x 136 (D) mm Weight: 2.4kg

You can enjoy different music expressions by switching one system to another. These high-grade system selectors are designed for you to taste such charm of audio systems. We introduced the sound-quality-oriented design in which the whole grounded circuit is switched to prevent noise via a ground loop. In these selectors, 6N (99.99997% copper) wire is used for wiring material because information loss is little and high-purity gold-plating type is used for the terminals, which makes the selectors comparable to high-grade separate amplifiers. We have never compromised on the consideration of sound quality.
Features RCA signal switch box for 4 systems
Outside dimensions 370 (W) x 71 (H) x 136 (D) mm
Weight 2.4kg