AlphaDIG Motor electronic

When we told you Acoustic Signature didn't overlook anything in the design of their turntables, we meant it. Recently the engineers redesigned the motor electronic to better meet your needs. The result is the AlphaDIG Motor electronic. The perfect engine for your Acoustic-Signature turntable. All AC synchronous motors are normally speed-linked directly to the frequency of the main voltage from your wall. A simple transformer is all that most manufactures use to convert wall voltage to the motors input. This is problematic for several reasons. The voltage from your wall contains quite a bit of "noise", spikes and distortions, that can seriously affects the performance of the motor,. The result is an unsatisfying listening experience. And your fun listening music depends extremely from the quality of main power. The AlphaDIG completely decouples your motor from your wall voltage, making the Acoustic-Signature turntable invulnerable to AC power fluctuations. This is achieved through a series of refinements. In this brand new design we use fully digital output stages and a quartz locked technology. It is impervious to the negative effects of mains voltage fluctuations and household appliances that produce ‘noisy’ mains that can have a very great detrimental effect on AC motors and therefore the turntable performance and ultimately the sound. And a quartz precision DSP then produces a perfect sine wave at 24VAC to run the motor, resulting in a perfectly steady and constant platter rotation. The AlphaDIG control is the perfect design solution. The AlphaDIG is impervious to the negative effects household appliances can have on a turntable

The AlphaDIG can power up to three separate motors. Similar power supplies cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Acoustic Signature provides the upgraded AlphaDIG with every Ascona or Thunder turntable at no extra cost. For the other models the Alpha-S is included. Which also generates the sine wave internally but in a more conventional analog design. The Alpha -S is able to drive one motor. From the wall to your ears no stone was left unturned. Using the Alpha improves the sound quality of the turntable in a very effective way.