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Accessories are supplied to complement Quad products when setting them up in their most ideal location within a room.


Mounting Bracket

An easy to install accessory used to attach any compatible Quad loudspeaker for ease of mounting onto a wall.


4-Tier Audio Rack

A robust audio rack recommended for use when setting up Quad electronic products. Its sleek, contemporary design makes it ideal for any domestic setting.

Mounting Bracket
Material Plastic
Recommended for 9L / Quad L-ite
Available Color Black only


4-Tier Audio Rack
Material Metal
Gross Weight 17.80 kg
Recommended for Elite Series / 99 Series
Available Color Black only
Dimensions(Actual Rack ) (H*W*D)640*400*383mm
Distance per tier 178mm
Dimensions(Tier ) (W*D)340*340mm

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