12L Classic Signature

Special Edition Bookshelf Loudspeaker
The 12L Classic Signature is the second model in the L Classic Signature Series. Like it sibling it features similar features like multi-layer cabinet construction coupled with additional internal bracing that significantly reduce cabinet colouration and resonance. Furthermore, it also utilises special internal long fibre damping to randomise internal reflections and prevent the formation of standing waves. It also has two pairs of binding posts on its rear for bi-wiring options.
-          Bi-wiring options
-          Long-throw Kevlar cone driver
-           Precision-engineered waveguide tweeter
-          Internal long fibre damping to prevent standing waves
-           Multi-layer construction for reduced panel colouration


    • Sapele Mahogany Veneer
    • Sapele Mahogany Red Veneer
    • Piano Sapele Mahogany
    • Piano Black